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根據妳的需求與目標 ➡️ 訂製妳專屬的健身舞蹈課!

不論妳是初學者還是忙碌的媽媽,加入企業高階主管 & 明星名媛的行列,來參加 Katie 一對一 / 小班制的私人課程吧!

透過 Katie 的私人課妳可以:


  • get a workout that both challenges you and leaves you feeling successful no matter your dance and fitness level
  • improve balance and coordination
  • learn how to dance with more skill, grace, and emotion
  • Practice loving your body


  • make time for yourself to relieve stress from daily life
  • have an absolute blast while moving around with Katie ( and your friends in a private group class! )
  • dance to a personalized playlist
  • feel more confident in your body
Katie 的私人課程

ideal for you
if you

  • enjoy personal encouragement and feedback
  • need additional motivation to stick with your fitness goals
  • want to learn dance skills and increase your fitness level at your own speed rather than being rushed (or slowed ) by a group class
  • have a busy schedule and want to maximize your time
  • feel insecure dancing in a group of people

not for you
if you

  • want a “quick fix” or shortcut for your fitness goals
  • are not interested in building a personal connection built on mutual respect, communication, and commitment
  • prefer a crowded “club-like” dance party ( see WAO’s class!)


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